Pack Smarter

Pack smarter with some of our top tips

Experiencing packing chaos? We're is here to help.  We've all experienced packing chaos... leaving it to the last minute, rolling clothes to increase storage, squeezing in shoes and if in doubt, rolling again! The feeling of arriving in disarray, clothes creased and a bed sprawled with the suitcase's contents is a familiar start to many a trip.

There is a solution! It's time to get organised with Lapoche.

Here are some of our top packing and travel tips for various types of travel. Have any others?  We'd love to hear them - just email us at

all overseas travel

  • At the risk of stating the obvious, if travelling overseas don't forget your passport! Ensure your passport, tickets, visas and any other travel documents are packed and ready to go before you head out the door
  • Before hopping on the plane, organise some cash in the currency of where you're headed. This will save a headache on arrival in a potentially foreign country.

work trip

Count the number of meetings and functions and lay out clothes you'll need - it's time to perfect your outfit layering skills. If you don't have a specific purpose for an outfit, then it's likely you won't need it, so why pack it?

  • Iron all shirts and fold them using the Shirt Pack's instructional board. You can fold and store up to eight shirts in each pack, and can also use if for jackets, pants, tees and skirts.
  • Match your ties and cufflinks with your outfit; bring your belts (brown shoes = brown belt) and protect your watch in the Belt & Tie Roll.  It's a travelling man's best friend.
  • For the ladies, take care of your lingerie in the Lingerie Tote and keep your earrings, bracelets and necklaces secure and sorted in the Jewellery Case.
  • It's easy to forget one of the necessary electronics when packing which can be extremely frustrating on arrival, so here's a quick checklist... phone, computer, iPad/tablet and phone charger, iPod, camera, international adapters, shaver and charger. Secure them all in the Charge Me Up Bag.  It's a bright little spark that will ensure that everything is contained and easy to find.
  • Shine your shoes before taking off and pack them into work, night out and casual... you guessed it, we have a Shoe Bag just for you!
  • Leave your toiletries by the basin and pack in the Travel Toiletry Organiser the night before... you will be sure not to forget anything.
  • Look up the location of the hotel and choose the best local restaurant, bar, retailer and tourist spot. Walking means you can clear you head from a busy day and enjoy the sites.
  • Choose an inspirational leader you admire, download their autobiography for the plane trip... relax and learn.

family getaway

  • Ask everyone in the family to choose their favourite Lapoche colour.
  • Assign each family member the relevant pockets in their chosen selection.
  • Decide how you'd like to pack your clothes... by type, according to climate, days or events.
  • Pack all belongings accordingly with the help of the family must-haves, the Packing Cubes and Luggage Organisers.
  • Enjoy a stress free arrival and departure with every little item accounted for... packing for the family has never been this easy.

girl's trip

  • Choose your fave colour and pack your toiletries in the Travel Toiletry Organiser. Use the handy hook to hang the organiser in the bathroom and avoid any confusion as to whose is who.
  • Take your nightly essentials out with you... just pack the Make Me Up Bag with your must-haves and you're good to go.
  • Protect your most prized footwear with the Shoe Bag... they will arrive looking just as good as when you packed them.
  • Plan at least one relaxing moment on the trip and if a day spa is in order, book ahead!
  • Relax and enjoy. Everything is packed and organised.